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Algonquin Provincial Park

Located in Ontario, Algonquin is the oldest provincial park in Canada.

Published September 2011
24 photos



Located in the Lehigh Valley, Allentown is Pennsylvania's third most populous city.

Published September 2011, updated August 2012
138 photos



Kingston sits on the edge of Lake Ontario, and at the head of the St. Lawrence River.

Published September 2011
35 photos


Long Beach Island

A barrier island along the Atlantic Ocean, LBI offers a relaxed atmosphere and stunning beaches.

Published September 2011, updated August 2012
130 photos



Named after Mont Royal, a hill near the city centre, Montreal is the largest city in Québec.

Published September 2011
40 photos


New York

From the tower blocks of Manhattan to the tranquility of Ellis Island, the Big Apple offers it all.

Published September 2011
294 photos


Niagara Falls

On the border between Canada and the U.S., these waterfalls are the most powerful in North America.

Published September 2011
44 photos



On the south bank of the Ottawa River, this is Canada's capital city.

Published September 2011
15 photos



Follow the shoreline of the Gaspé Peninsula, including the natural rock arch at Percé, on the tip.

Published September 2011
58 photos



Philadelphia, the largest city of Pennsylvania, is home to the Liberty Bell.

Published September 2011
36 photos



Québec City is the capital of the French-speaking Canadian province of Québec.

Published September 2011
52 photos



This small Quebecan village sits at the confluence of the Saint Lawrence and Saguenay rivers.

Published September 2011
45 photos



On the shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is the capital of Ontario and the largest city in Canada.

Published September 2011
55 photos


Washington DC

The U.S. capital city is home to the Capitol, the White House and the Washington Monument.

Published September 2011
174 photos