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Malta cycle trip (2012)

Paul and Gareth spend a weekend cycling around the island of Malta.

Published November 2012
300 photos


Online diary of Malta by bike


Part 1. Paul and Gareth prepare for a three day cycle trip around the island of Malta.

Cycle from Malta airport to Rabat

Part 2. Against all odds, Paul and Gareth make it to Malta and cycle from the airport to Rabat.

Cycle from Rabat to Sliema

Part 3. Paul and Gareth cycle along the Dingli Cliffs and visit Golden Bay on their tour of Malta.

Cycle from Sliema to Valletta

Part 4. Paul and Gareth ride in to the capital city to complete their cycle ride around Malta.

Walk around Valletta

Part 5. Paul spends an extra morning enjoying the sights of Valletta, the Maltese capital.

Plan your own cycle ride around Malta

Part 6. Paul and Gareth's closing remarks, following their cycle trip around Malta.

Updated 21 November 2012

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