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Esbjerg to Copenhagen cycle trip (2011)

Paul and Gareth spend four days cycling across Denmark, through Kolding, Odense and Ringsted.

Published June 2011
350 photos


Online diary of Esbjerg to Copenhagen by bike


Part 1. Paul and Gareth prepare for their four-day cycle ride across Denmark.

Ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg

Part 2. Paul and Gareth on board the overnight ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg.

Cycle from Esbjerg to Kolding

Part 3. Paul and Gareth arrive in Denmark for the first leg of their ride to Copenhagen.

Cycle from Kolding to Odense

Part 4. Paul and Gareth continue along Denmark's national cycle route 6.

Cycle from Odense to Ringsted

Part 5. Paul and Gareth battle numerous punctures ahead of a late finish in Ringsted.

Cycle from Ringsted to Copenhagen

Part 6. On the fourth day of their cross Denmark trip, Paul and Gareth reach Copenhagen.

Cycle around Copenhagen

Part 7. A day touring the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

Plan your cycle ride from Esbjerg to Copenhagen

Part 8. Paul and Gareth's closing remarks, following their Esbjerg to Copenhagen cycle trip.

Updated 31 May 2011

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