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Main railway terminusPfaffenthalMUDAMFort ThüngenFort ThüngenChurch in ClausenClausen ViaductClausen ViaductDrai EechelenRed BridgeLuxembourg cityscapeDrai EechelenFort ThüngenDrai EechelenMUDAMPfaffenthalPfaffenthalPfaffenthalMilk protestMilk protestMunicipal ParkGrand Ducal PalacePfaffenthalCasemates du BockClausen ViaductAbbaye de NeumünsterView from within cliffCasemates du BockClausen ViaductAbbaye de NeumünsterClausen ViaductAbbaye de NeumünsterAlzette ValleyAbbaye de NeumünsterAlzetteAlzette ValleyAlzette and viaductAbbaye de NeumünsterGrund districtAlzette in the GrundAlzetteValleyArchwayCliffsAlzette bridgesFortificationsVinesRosesRosesBumble beesStreet lampHeron by the AlzetteAlzetteAlzetteAlzetteAlzette wildlifeHeron by the AlzetteAlzette and cliffsCaves in the cliff faceGrund districtKirchbergUptownGrundGrundRailway viaductRailway viaductRailway viaductRailway viaductGrundAlzetteAlzette ValleyCathédrale Notre-DameCathédrale Notre-DameGëlle FraPont AdolpheNational day flag

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