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Corner of Sousse medina Corner of Sousse medina
North eastern corner of the medina.
Sculpture in Sousse Sculpture in Sousse
Sculpture commemorating the Tunisian War of Independence, fought between 1952 and 1956.
Sousse town centre Sousse town centre
North eastern edge of the medina.
Central bank of Tunisia Central bank of Tunisia
The Central Bank of Tunisia was formed in 1958, when the dinar replaced the French franc in Tunisia.
Grand Mosque of Sousse Grand Mosque of Sousse
The northern tip of the Great Mosque.
Grand Mosque of Sousse Grand Mosque of Sousse
The Great Mosque of Sousse is located within the medina.
Indoor market Indoor market
A bread stall at the indoor market, near the medina's eastern gate.
Vegetables Vegetables
Fresh vegetables for sale at the indoor market.
Snails for sale Snails for sale
This lady is selling snails straight from a trailer.
Restaurant Restaurant
A typical Tunisian restaurant, ready for the lunchtime crowds.
Colourful souvenirs Colourful souvenirs
A souvenir shop in the medina.
Door knockers Door knockers
Elaborate door knockers.
Water fountain Water fountain
A man rinses his hands at this communal fountain.
Cobbled street Cobbled street
Cobbled street within the confines of Sousse medina.
Street in medina Street in medina
Souvenir shops on a hilly street in the Sousse medina.
Kittens Kittens
Two small kittens play in the sun in Sousse.
Kitten Kitten
A kitten in Sousse medina.
Kitten with souvenirs Kitten with souvenirs
Souvenirs for sale, kitten playing behind.
Kittens Kittens
Kittens in Sousse.
Stairway in medina Stairway in medina
Many of the narrow streets are connected by staircases.
Carved wooden figures Carved wooden figures
Wooden figures for sale in the medina.
Back streets of the medina Back streets of the medina
A typical Tunisian colour scheme, the blue doors contrast well with the white wash walls.
Motorcyclist in medina Motorcyclist in medina
A motorcyclist navigates the narrow cobbled streets of this old town.
Narrow path through medina Narrow path through medina
Within the medina, the streets and buildings are kept surprisingly clean and tidy.
Window on the medina Window on the medina
The limited view from a roof terrace.
Rooftops of Sousse medina Rooftops of Sousse medina
Satellite dishes adorn most of the medina rooftops.
Quiet street within medina Quiet street within medina
A back street of the medina.
Medina Medina
The medina is very densely populated.
Sousse tortoises Sousse tortoises
Many tortoises roam around the Sousse medina.
Rooftops of Sousse medina Rooftops of Sousse medina
A view over Sousse medina, looking out towards the ocean.
Flowers Flowers
Bright plants on the roof of a medina café.
Sousse medina Sousse medina
A tractor and a bicycle on this narrow medina street.
Sousse rooftops Sousse rooftops
Satellite television is a popular feature in Tunisia.
Medina street Medina street
A small tractor in Sousse medina.
Sousse medina Sousse medina
A narrow passage through the medina.
Sousse Ribat Sousse Ribat
The Ribat of Sousse, a minaret and watch tower.
Sousse Shopping Centre Sousse Shopping Centre
One of few fixed-price shopping centres within the Sousse medina.
Grand Mosque of Sousse Grand Mosque of Sousse
The Great Mosque of Sousse.
Vegetation within the medina Vegetation within the medina
Despite the climate, palm trees thrive in Sousse.
Sousse Ribat Sousse Ribat
The Ribat of Sousse's Mosque.

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