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Preparations for London to Paris

Part 1. Paul and Mark prepare for their cycle ride to Paris.

Cycle from London to Dieppe

Part 2. Paul and Mark cycle from Trafalgar Square to Newhaven, and catch a ferry to Dieppe.

Cycle from Dieppe to Gournay en Bray

Part 3. Paul and Mark take the Avenue Verte on their ride from Dieppe to Gournay-en-Bray.

Cycle from Gournay en Bray to Paris

Part 4. Paul and Mark make their nocturnal entry to Paris, having cycled 300 km from London.

Cycle around Paris

Part 5. Paul and Mark spend a day cycling in Paris and then take the Eurostar back to London.

Plan your cycle ride from London to Paris

Part 6. Paul and Mark's closing remarks, following their London to Paris cycle trip.

London to Paris by bike