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Online diary of Malta by bike


Part 1. Paul and Gareth prepare for a three day cycle trip around the island of Malta.

Cycle from Malta airport to Rabat

Part 2. Against all odds, Paul and Gareth make it to Malta and cycle from the airport to Rabat.

Cycle from Rabat to Sliema

Part 3. Paul and Gareth cycle along the Dingli Cliffs and visit Golden Bay on their tour of Malta.

Cycle from Sliema to Valletta

Part 4. Paul and Gareth ride in to the capital city to complete their cycle ride around Malta.

Walk around Valletta

Part 5. Paul spends an extra morning enjoying the sights of Valletta, the Maltese capital.

Plan your own cycle ride around Malta

Part 6. Paul and Gareth's closing remarks, following their cycle trip around Malta.

Updated 21 November 2012

Improved search and filter options

New search page and album filters make it easier to find the photos you're most interested in.

Published 1 November 2012

Using in-flight wi-fi on Norwegian Air Shuttle

Norwegian are rolling out wi-fi across their fleet. But how reliable is internet access at 10,000m?

Published 9 June 2012

EasyJet to launch Luxembourg flights

From October, the low cost carrier will fly between Gatwick and Luxembourg four times per week.

Published 12 May 2012

New functionality as site marks third birthday

An outline of the improvements to this website, as we celebrate three years online.

Published 1 March 2012

How to claim for bicycle damage after accident

Steps to take following a cycling accident and an explanation of the small claims process in the UK.

Published 15 February 2012

Online diary of the Isle of Wight by bike

Cycle from Fishbourne to Chale (counter-clockwise)

Part 1. Paul and Gareth take the ferry to Fishbourne and cycle around the western half of Wight.

Cycle from Chale to Fishbourne (counter-clockwise)

Part 2. Paul and Gareth cycle around the eastern half of the island, and visit the town of Ryde.

Plan your cycle ride around the Isle of Wight

Part 3. Paul and Gareth's closing remarks, following their Isle of Wight cycle trip.

Updated 26 September 2011

Online diary of Esbjerg to Copenhagen by bike


Part 1. Paul and Gareth prepare for their four-day cycle ride across Denmark.

Ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg

Part 2. Paul and Gareth on board the overnight ferry from Harwich to Esbjerg.

Cycle from Esbjerg to Kolding

Part 3. Paul and Gareth arrive in Denmark for the first leg of their ride to Copenhagen.

Cycle from Kolding to Odense

Part 4. Paul and Gareth continue along Denmark's national cycle route 6.

Cycle from Odense to Ringsted

Part 5. Paul and Gareth battle numerous punctures ahead of a late finish in Ringsted.

Cycle from Ringsted to Copenhagen

Part 6. On the fourth day of their cross Denmark trip, Paul and Gareth reach Copenhagen.

Cycle around Copenhagen

Part 7. A day touring the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

Plan your cycle ride from Esbjerg to Copenhagen

Part 8. Paul and Gareth's closing remarks, following their Esbjerg to Copenhagen cycle trip.

Updated 31 May 2011

Online diary of London to Paris by bike

Preparations for London to Paris

Part 1. Paul and Mark prepare for their cycle ride to Paris.

Cycle from London to Dieppe

Part 2. Paul and Mark cycle from Trafalgar Square to Newhaven, and catch a ferry to Dieppe.

Cycle from Dieppe to Gournay en Bray

Part 3. Paul and Mark take the Avenue Verte on their ride from Dieppe to Gournay-en-Bray.

Cycle from Gournay en Bray to Paris

Part 4. Paul and Mark make their nocturnal entry to Paris, having cycled 300 km from London.

Cycle around Paris

Part 5. Paul and Mark spend a day cycling in Paris and then take the Eurostar back to London.

Plan your cycle ride from London to Paris

Part 6. Paul and Mark's closing remarks, following their London to Paris cycle trip.

Updated 30 September 2008

Recovering corrupted or missing files from GoPro

How to recover corrupted files from a frozen GoPro camera.

Published 1 January 1970

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